1-A large tank used within waste disposal and sewerage cleansing.
2-In cockney rhyming slang, a yank.
Those stupid septic tanks have just re-elected George Dubya Bush! Bang goes peace! More terrorism activities will happen now, this enacted by the yanks on Iran or Syria!
by JT December 4, 2004
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Interchangeable with Yank or Yankee, a euphemistic stereotype for Americans who spill forth verbal filth like a sewage plant.
Mate, I took that septic tank from the other day out for a surf. I was hoping the sharks would rip him to pieces but it looked as though they swam away in terror. It seems not even a Great White Pointer can swallow his bullshit.
by name different November 20, 2007
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Pissing and shitting in a girls mouth and duct tapping it shut. All during sex.
"I gave Tina the septic tank last night."
by cfch September 6, 2006
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The art of getting jerked off while taking a dump in the womans mouth.
she pulled my release valve and i gave her what was left in the septic tank
by cky10117 March 20, 2010
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The art of while being intoxicated placing a funnel into a woman's anal cavity and vomiting into said funnel.
wow, i am so drunk but that girl has a nice ass i would like to septic tankher.
by J.M. gigitty August 8, 2009
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Two meanings:

1:A person 'drug addict' that would do anything for a hit/high.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meaning everyone goes to the toilet, so perhaps someone had drugs In there system.

2:a person who uses sexual acts as a way to get through life.
"He'd suck the septic tank if he could"

"Have you seen that guys mum, so feral she'd suck the septic tank if she could!"

"How did she get that promotion? Don't worry she'd suck the septic tank if it meant getting ahead"
by Enzothegift February 9, 2014
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Something that looks like shit (figuratively or literally), but is actually good. Named for the Hawthorn Hawks (AFL team) whose yellow and brown uniform makes them look like a septic tank of shit and piss, yet they are awesome despite the colour of their uniform.
Dane reckons the septic tank of awesomeness are gonna kick Geelong's arse tonight.
by munkychump April 1, 2013
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