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1-A large tank used within waste disposal and sewerage cleansing.
2-In cockney rhyming slang, a yank.
Those stupid septic tanks have just re-elected George Dubya Bush! Bang goes peace! More terrorism activities will happen now, this enacted by the yanks on Iran or Syria!
by JT December 04, 2004
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Interchangeable with Yank or Yankee, a euphemistic stereotype for Americans who spill forth verbal filth like a sewage plant.
Mate, I took that septic tank from the other day out for a surf. I was hoping the sharks would rip him to pieces but it looked as though they swam away in terror. It seems not even a Great White Pointer can swallow his bullshit.
by name different November 20, 2007
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Pissing and shitting in a girls mouth and duct tapping it shut. All during sex.
"I gave Tina the septic tank last night."
by cfch September 06, 2006
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The art of while being intoxicated placing a funnel into a woman's anal cavity and vomiting into said funnel.
wow, i am so drunk but that girl has a nice ass i would like to septic tankher.
by J.M. gigitty August 08, 2009
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