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The state of being in which one's participation in their consciousness is no longer passive, but active; where one does not see WITH the eye, but THROUGH it.
In self-awareness, it is not the eye that sees, but the "I" that sees.
by WhatYouThinkVWhatYouKnow July 10, 2013
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The sense of always knowing where the 'X' is, as in 'You are here. (with arrow pointing to an 'X')' Especially important trait to know you have if you always seem to be finding yourself in some kind of spot, as 'X' always marks the spot. So where else would you have expected to be then? However, most people who are REALLY self aware have no clue so they continue to blame others. Once you come to understand that you have this self awareness, then you can effectively begin to accept this challenge of always being on the 'spot' because you now know where you are and can begin to constructively and successfully deal with it. Almost everyone has this self awareness, but very few are truly aware of it. These folks are also said to be 'soul searching' and look most often EVERYWHERE but inside themselves where it always resides.
I sure wish she'd show more self awareness. She excuses it as she's 'soul searching' but quite often I don't think she even knows what planet she's on.
by ORD ELLIS September 05, 2007
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