The final phase of awareness of the human condition. The peace of mind you experience when you accept that no matter what crumbles and falls around you in this world due to the corruption and degeneracy of Man, you are the master of your own mind and your soul belongs to God.

Deriving from the Matrix universe, clear pilled is the state of peace that comes with total awareness. It is the step after black pilled; black pilled is the step after red pilled; and red pilled is the step after blue pilled. Blue pilled is living in ignorance, oblivious to the fact that you are a mental slave, totally brainwashed and unaware that your thoughts are not your own. In a blue pilled state, you have strong passionate feelings about things you know nothing or very little about while blindly believing you do. You are a useful idiot, inured to the system, the product of thought control and psychological operations against you. In a red pilled state, your eyes have opened to this and you begin to see the truth of your condition and through the illusions set up to deceive you. You then embark on the journey down the rabbit hole, which ultimately leads you to the next phase of being black pilled -- the cynicism that comes with realizing that the sinister forces working against you are too great, the fall was set in motion too long ago, and there is no hope for your condition because the vast majority of the masses are far too blue pilled.

But there is.
Most people are blue pilled, some are red pilled, fewer are black pilled, and fewer still are clear pilled.
by The Gideon Lion October 21, 2019
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We’ve all heard of red pill and the blue pill from the matrix movies. Clear pilled is when you finally see both political parties are bs, money is bs (except precious metals), and the internet is bs. Both are useful in that you can start to see what bs they are and, then like in the Matrix you can then manipulate these elements to your advantage. I don’t mean break the law (That’s real. Handcuffs are real!) I mean use these systems for personal gain. The whole political world is a system. Systems can be manipulated. The internet you can manipulate to make electric money for doing nothing. Which yes you can then turn into real precious metals but, you don’t have to be like a little old grandma and hide it all your money in the mattress. Just be aware! Learn these systems and use them!
You’ve just been clear pilled!
by Nikkip424 May 10, 2020
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The Clear Pill Definition: When you take The Black Pill and The White you get clarity-Based Pluto YouTube 4/9/2023.
by TheHeroKing April 10, 2023
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A self-aware clear pilled person is a person who most likely is not fully clear pilled. They believe they are in their own mind but may not be yet. To be clear pilled one must not only meet the standard outlines, but have others that are already clear pilled agree that one is enlightened.
Bro, you’re being self-aware clear pilled. Seek advice from others.
by Scribbles1697 October 3, 2023
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