To bug, annoy, irritate. Making a big deal out of doing something small or asking to do something excessively getting more and more pissed off. Mostly done by women afraid to lose something or are insecure. Strains marriage and usually leads to divorce. Not an excuse for love or caring about the person.
Q: Bob why haven't you picked up the mail!!!!???
A: You've asked like 50 times woman, there's no mail delivery on Sunday! Stop nagging me, I want a divorce
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When someone has to repeatedly remind someone of a task that they agreed to complete . from fear /anxiety that they will not complete agreed upon task or chore. who then is the cause of the nagging the person not completing the task or chore in a reasonable timely manner or the person haveing to remind Or stay on top.of them in order to get it done. A nag is created when someone doesn’t do the things that they say will do. to eliminate nagging from one's life is to simply do what they say they will in a reasonable timely manner. If I ask my husband to take the trash out before the trashmen arrive the next morning the sooner he takes it out the less time I have to nag him and a high probability that I wouldn't have to nag him at all. I wouldn't have a chance to. So as much as nagging is created and brought on by not doing something nagging can be eliminated from one's life by simply getting up and doing what needs done. Most people who experience getting nagged alot will be people who procrastinate, are forgetful,do not do the things they say they will do, bad at time management and prioritizing appropriately or are simply easily distracted by other tasks or projects. at the root of It nagging is a fear response of something not getting done And or frustration because of same task not getting done in the past.
Every Thursday night my wife is nagging me to take the trash to the curb .
by Shaymindful July 30, 2019
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To complain towards someone while without of valid point.
1.What male politians typically do towards women and minorities.

2.What people typically do in the comment section.
3.What Time magazine does in hypocritical nature towards the youth.
4.What your dad does when you are to sleepy to clean up your sibling's mess.
5.What Youtube critics usually do.

6. What oddly enough some of the definitions for this word here on this page are.
7. What most blogs are consistently made of.

Oh my god my husband won't stop nagging the hell about me. He wants me to do everything while just sits on his bum. I don't ask for much. But this boy asks to shop as often as a Paris Hilton gets laid!
by Breaking_Sad October 03, 2015
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The constant babbleing of mostly Parents or gf
In other words bitchin
Logan just woke up and his mom is already nagging about something about not getting up on time.
by Littleriddle July 17, 2015
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National Association of Gals.

Woman who won’t let up. Even when most would...or should. No man is safe. Any man must have NAG approval before speaking....or thinking. One week a month NAG knuckles down and Is very stringent. In that week they gather at the blood river to orchestrate their plan of actions.
Charles: you want to go get a drink?
Dave: I have to get NAG approval first
Charles: didn’t she just get back from the river?
Dave: unfortunately

Charles:alright then, I guess that’s a no
by Jd02 August 06, 2020
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