a female manipulator band of ~7 members, all of which are in the 8th grade.

female manipulator culture and music is commonly seen in bands like Hole, Destroy Boys, Girlpool, etc.
Gia: Self Defecation just released a new hit single, "shock ya pussy!"
by row man April 21, 2022
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Is a tactical countermeasure that involves defending oneself by shitting your self. it is a legal justification for the use of feces in times of danger.
Kid 1 : "Hey, how did you stop that bully from beating you up"
kid 2: "I stopped him by using self defeces"

Kid 1 : "Oh nice you shit yourself to as a method of self defense, GENIUS! "
by 12many1s November 7, 2014
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A term that stupid people use accidentally when they really mean "self-deprecating" and clever people use on purpose to make poop jokes that stupid people wont get.
The big-time CEO used self-defecating humor to try and relax the crowd. He wanted them to see that he was just a regular guy. Unfortunately, he succeeded only in relaxing his own bowels. No amount of good press will clear that stink.
by Rickter Scale April 18, 2010
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Similar to self-deprecating, only unintentional and so bad you might as well poop all over yourself.
Did you hear Joe Biden's latest comment on obama's big stick? He has a totally self-defecating sense of humor.
by troy nc April 27, 2012
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To shit oneself. From the word "defecate," meaning, "have a bowel movement." And the word, self, meaning "One's identity."
"Yo, did you see that guy? He was totally self-defecating!"
by MoreAwesomeThanThisGuy! March 6, 2010
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To intentionally or unintentionally shit one's pants.
Man: What's that horrid stink? Have you shit yourself again?

Man 2: I've been self-defecating.
by lightheaded2687 March 5, 2010
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