A bloody sexy unit. He's hella cute and goofy. Anytime he posts anything, you're heart jumps out of your ass. He ages like fine wine - hot with a beard and without. Find yourself a Seb and never let him go.
After 30 years, Seb is still looking mighty fine tonight.
by alegendaryguy August 26, 2018
When a guy is so flexible they can suck their own dick.
Person 1: You're so flexible dude, do you seb?
Person 2: Nooooo. (Glances around)
by Essexgirll May 29, 2014
*Teammate messes up*
Toxic players: "you fuckin seb kys"
by Hearth Traeknald April 11, 2020
Seb exists.
by Havag Ess May 22, 2021
The abbreviation of the S.E.B project.
Sabotage Environment Bacteria.
Can cause loss of humanity.
In 1666 the S.E.B Project came to an end when they discovered seb knew how to use a door and walked off. The S.E.B Project was supposed to eradicate the german population and then rest when his job was done but he was to clever for modern day science to contain.
by =CC= September 16, 2003
Likes to drink milk and his mission is to search for a bald vagina
"Hey man seb dude whatcha doin"
"Searching for a bald vagina its my mission
by Porteepoo June 13, 2019
Shit head made of rage and anger, thinks he's funny
What a fuking Seb u are, eat a dick u wanker
by Eatmapussy July 24, 2019