When a person is rarely seen or around for a short period of time
He so seasonal, he only shows up to one of games per year.
by darealmr.reaper February 6, 2016
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The act of pulling loose pubes from your genital/taint area and sprinkling them ever so gently on a sleeping parties face as if sprinkling garnish on a completed dish.
Kati wouldn't stop rolling around in bed, so the next night i gave her a seasoning of epic porportions.
by NasteaN8 March 11, 2010
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Experienced, certified, expert, mature, well-rounded or well-trained
"Hey man, who built that Santa Clause house?"

"I don't know dude, but whoever it was must have been a SEASONED carpenter!"
by have2hunt October 25, 2014
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Experienced in a particular field or activity. Knows the ropes already and doesn't need training or instructions.
In a restaurant kitchen;

Cook: How's the new dishwasher? Does he require babysitting?

Manager: No, he's seasoned. He worked two years at that barbecue place down the street.
by JohnBoy28 February 22, 2009
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Surprisingly calm, cool, and collective on a certain situation or scenario, especially one that has been dealt with several times before. (financial issues, haters, etc.)

"Seasoned" is the opposite of "salty."
The term comes from "seasoning", a form of condiment similarly used to salt, the origin word for "salty".
"All these haters salty; I'm too seasoned, homie."

"Rich, he's too seasoned to panic."
by SonicPman May 19, 2017
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When a white person does not imitate a black person but fits in with them and resembles thier personality
Guy 1 : Do you see jimmy hanging out with those cool guys over there

Guy 2: yeah I hear them say he is seasoned.
by TheOneOnlyLegend January 2, 2019
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When a person is feeling really horny or just looking for someone to spend the night with. Similar to feeling broody but instead of wanting children wanting sex.
Boy 1: she is so in season

Boy 2: Yh she was all over me
by summer1260 July 19, 2011
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