When a person is rarely seen or around for a short period of time
He so seasonal, he only shows up to one of games per year.
by Focuzb February 6, 2016
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Someone in you're life who is only there on occasion. Tends to show up when you least expect it and go ghost on you for a while before returning to do the same thing again. Friends who are only there when they need something. Guest Characters
Marcus: Damn Bo where have you been!
Bo: Oh I been busy, with work and shit. Lets get together sometime this weekend

Other guy: Weren't you suppose to hangout with Bo this weekend?
Marcus: Man that nigga seasonal af
Other guy: you tryna fuck?
Marcus: sure...
by Marconeious April 18, 2016
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The act of pulling loose pubes from your genital/taint area and sprinkling them ever so gently on a sleeping parties face as if sprinkling garnish on a completed dish.
Kati wouldn't stop rolling around in bed, so the next night i gave her a seasoning of epic porportions.
by NasteaN8 March 11, 2010
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Experienced, certified, expert, mature, well-rounded or well-trained
"Hey man, who built that Santa Clause house?"

"I don't know dude, but whoever it was must have been a SEASONED carpenter!"
by have2hunt October 25, 2014
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Seasoned = adding flavor.

To be seasoned is to be acceptable of other cultures, whether is by learning about it or practicing them.

Not to be confused with being "cultured".

You know, ever since Carl started dating that Latina he became seasoned.


friend1: Sofia started talking to Jun and now she wants to go get boba everyday
friend 2: she has been seasoned.
by isisgabs April 30, 2020
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When a white person does not imitate a black person but fits in with them and resembles thier personality
Guy 1 : Do you see jimmy hanging out with those cool guys over there

Guy 2: yeah I hear them say he is seasoned.
by TheOneOnlyLegend January 2, 2019
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Experienced in a particular field or activity. Knows the ropes already and doesn't need training or instructions.
In a restaurant kitchen;

Cook: How's the new dishwasher? Does he require babysitting?

Manager: No, he's seasoned. He worked two years at that barbecue place down the street.
by JohnBoy28 February 22, 2009
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