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The act of pulling loose pubes from your genital/taint area and sprinkling them ever so gently on a sleeping parties face as if sprinkling garnish on a completed dish.
Kati wouldn't stop rolling around in bed, so the next night i gave her a seasoning of epic porportions.
by NasteaN8 March 10, 2010
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Shit white folk cant eat but claim they can because they were feeling sassy after eating a lightly salted lays chip a week ago
Some white kid: oh boy time for seasoning!
Mom: oh dont put to much season on there billy!
Some white kid: theres never to much salt mom!
by Bihwhat June 23, 2018
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The act of throwing a pepper in a girl's face to make her sneeze at the same time she climaxes; since sneezing is an 8th of an orgasm, she will have 9/8 of one if done correctly.
Aaron: How did it go last night?

Dan: There was seasoning involved, but I think she was into it.
by athegreat December 13, 2010
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