Hottest and sexiest girl you will ever meet. Smells so amazing and has very great sense of humor. Season is your ride or die. She has the nicest body and will do anything for you once you have her heart. Season has long beautiful hair and is smart and super athletic. But very careful she can leave you faster than you've ever imagined. Season can be a good girl but be the baddest girl you've encountered. Everyone loves Season and she is popular but humble plus never stuck up. Season likes to wear scandalous clothing and be different from everybody else. You will always have fun with Season wherever you go. You'd be lucky to have a Season as a friend or Girlfriend as she is perfect.
I lover her but I just met her.
Must be a Season
by Abadas February 25, 2018
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Noun : One who is so badass, that they amaze all who look on to them. Verb: To destroy someone so intensely that they are reduced to a quivering pile of their own urine. related to cooking terms. To season a dish before you put a fork in it because their done.
Angelina Jolie was so season in Wanted. Not so much in Changleling.
Please don't season me. I had so much to live for.
by Edoublev July 3, 2010
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A word to express to someone that you don't take any crap.
To have the same sense of the term "Go Hard" or "Go Ham" meaning to give the situation more than 100%
Did you hear what Shalayla just said to me? I was about to season her!

Oh HELL NAW! I'm about to season these hoes!
by MzMSU June 12, 2009
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A girl who doesn't mind how big the dick is, just how well she gets fucked.
Thank god this girl last night was a Season, i have such a small cock.
by jaketylert February 16, 2009
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To add salt, herbs, pepper, or other spices to food.
Season the meat so that it tastes better.
by Definitive Positive April 16, 2020
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To dry hump a person of the same sex, not in a homosexual way, but a boys locker room type of male dominace way.
After coming home last night and finding Brian sleeping in his bed, Todd began to season him as all the frat brothers watched and laughed.
by Gadeesh June 2, 2006
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