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People from Seaford, LI:

-are italian or irish

-have a milf mom
-have jumped over the crescent cove fence before

-gotten sloshed at the dunes in middle school
-swam in dirty ass canals
-crawl to seaford bagel or sequa to cure a hangover

- choose tobay over jones beach

-know what an op run is
-have worked at gino’s for at least a day
-wear aviator sunglasses year round

-know that dunkin is better than starbucks

-cried when boces was knocked down and turned into hag central :(
-only listen to rap in public
-have fucked in the back of fun stuff toys at least once ;)
Person 1 Is that girl from seaford?

Person 2 Well I think I saw her once churning the butter in the back of fun stuff toys so yes.
by 5169errs May 15, 2018
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A town in England that has just one little club called 'the trek' commonly used by sluts to 'get there freak on' with the very un-hot guys. Only consists of charity shops and cafes, Chavs and its worst feature being vale road or chyngton!
'hey man where u out 2night?'
'The trek dude'
*hangs up

by Christiee. January 27, 2008
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a pussy ass neighborhood where white people think their black wtf is that about.....

also see massapequa farmingdale amittyville
by ...................... March 26, 2005
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Name of a town on Long Island that is often forgotten about. Sandwiched between two classier towns (Wantagh and Massapequa), Seaford boasts a community of people who likely procrastinate putting engines in their vehicles, almost always a Ford Lightning. Seafordians on the south shore often own multiple boats and lifted trucks, as the streets tend to flood. Legend has it that many of the men are cursed with inexplicably inferior genitalia.
Guy: Hey, the realtor called, mentioned an open house in Seaford, what should I tell her?
Girl: Fuck that! Seaford needs to get its shit together and extend the 135 across the Long Island Sound!
by L is for Lit August 07, 2018
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