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A town in England that has just one little club called 'the trek' commonly used by sluts to 'get there freak on' with the very un-hot guys. Only consists of charity shops and cafes, Chavs and its worst feature being vale road or chyngton!
'hey man where u out 2night?'
'The trek dude'
*hangs up

by Christiee. January 27, 2008
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a pussy ass neighborhood where white people think their black wtf is that about.....

also see massapequa farmingdale amittyville
by ...................... March 26, 2005
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People from Seaford, LI:

-are italian or irish

-have a milf mom
-have jumped over the crescent cove fence before

-gotten sloshed at the dunes in middle school
-swam in dirty ass canals
-crawl to seaford bagel or sequa to cure a hangover

- choose tobay over jones beach

-know what an op run is
-have worked at gino’s for at least a day
-wear aviator sunglasses year round

-know that dunkin is better than starbucks

-cried when boces was knocked down and turned into hag central :(
-only listen to rap in public
-have fucked in the back of fun stuff toys at least once ;)
Person 1 Is that girl from seaford?

Person 2 Well I think I saw her once churning the butter in the back of fun stuff toys so yes.
by 5169errs May 15, 2018
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