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(Ecks see) , /adj./
Personality trait that is the polar opposite of "emo". Derived from "excite", exc means to be full of energy, social, carefree, and confident.
"Wow, that kid is so exc! Did he just drink a whole bottle of soda?"
by .Christopher September 25, 2005
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eXc stands for electrocore which is a cross between electronica and hardcore. Electrocore is used as a label, it is tougher than scene but not as tough as real hardcore and is thus somewhat of a cross between the two. The electrocore label is heavily influenced by the genres of music that "electros"(what electrocore "kiddz" are called) listen to. This is a range of heavy metal to techno. Most electros are straightedge, strong willed, untrusting, and apathetic as to what others think. Electros are constantly confused with punks, goths, emos, scensters, and hardcore kids, however, which label they are confused with depends on each individual electros style. The true birth of electrocore is somewhere in the south, either Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or Texas and there are very few true electros.
jock4g: dude! did you see that weird eXc kid that was at school today? i almost thought she was a punk!
prtygurl5: wtf is an eXc kid?
jock4g: you know, those kids that are a lot cooler than scene kids but not as cool as hardcore kids
by Mo-Mo Kidd February 09, 2008
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emocore. combonation of hardcore and emo, related to hxc and sxe. emo core is for kids age 16-25 who like to cry, but dont want to look like TOTAL pussies.
"emo is sooo cliche. i only listen to screamo and emo-core.
by anti March 19, 2005
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