Cass is the girl you meet online and if you are really lucky you might meet her in real life. This girl is the girl that is so nice and she is always there to make you smile and laugh and all around feel happy even if it's been your worst day ever. She's so gorgeous and pretty and perfect even if she doesn't see it everyone else does. If you spend one night with this girl u will want to talk to her forever. If you become best friends with this person your life will change you guys will always talk which will make you very happy and sometimes you guys get into little fights but she will always forgive you because she is just that nice. You wish you could meet her in real life almost every day but I guess sometimes you have to wait. I really love this Cass person
Look at that girl over there she is so pretty! That must be Cass
by ILoveApples7746 April 17, 2016
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They're funny. They're pretty quiet until you talk to them and they have a super weird personality but they're really worth talking to. Cass has a dirty mind.
"Cass played hentai sounds on his bluetooth headphones and made me listen. What a goof!"
by Shitsandgiggles423 February 13, 2018
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Cass, an abbreviated adjective or noun for Casanova. Generally a man who engages in numerous casual dates with the underlying objective of finding love.
Also referred to as the Don Juan or Sultan of Seduction.

A promiscuous, philandering man who is passionate about women and typically lays it on thick like penaten cream.
She will be Cassed tonight
The Cass burns within
by Pagetts March 20, 2017
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A person cappable of sensitive behaviour, often victim to cruel pranks,but usually very forgiving of the person.
"Did you ditch him at the mall?"
"Yah, but he won't care he's a Cass."
by Katamari February 20, 2007
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Cass (short for Cassandra) is the most amazing person. She has a heart made of pure gold and she will just help anyone with anything, she’ll be kind and sweet, she is just incredibly selfless. She will help others more when shes down to help her get back to the smiling and beautiful person that she is.
She is an amazing and interesting person to talk to, who will brighten up anyones day regardless the way she is feeling that day.

Cass is the most beautiful, most stunning and gorgeous woman you will meet, doesnt matter their age, their beauty just shines as bright as any star, everlasting. One look, one gaze at them and all your problems disappear as you stair into their deep brown eyes, slowly comforting you and telling you that you arent dreaming, this is real but you cant help but think that she is a living and walking dream.
Cass is a very strong person, they can fight for themselves as well for others. They are very mature but can still be silly and fun at the right moments.

A Cass inspires you to be more, to be better. One look at them and instead of going on about saying i will never be as good as her, you go “damn, she goes through so much and she does so much... Im going to try and bring out the inner Cass”.
Everyone loves a Cass, I certainly do...
I am the luckiest guy in the world to have my very own Cass.

I love my Cass.
by he who is the simp October 2, 2020
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1. A person, of ambiguous sex, who enjoys Science Fiction and Computers.

2. A person, generally a girl, who ends up in a common-law marriage with their college room mate.

3. Any person with a black soul and a love of hacking.
1. God, it's playing Dungeons and Dragons again. It's such a Cass.

2. Only a Cass would live with their college room mate for seven years.

3. OMG, John just changed my Myspace Profile. He's such a Cass!
by Entchen May 7, 2007
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When the ass cheeks of a person no longer exist or for that matter curve inward creating a concave surface. Othewise known as a Cass= concave+ass. The opposite of convex.
She had such a flat ass that it had now turned into a Cass.

He had what you would call a Cass, the opposite of a bubble butt.
by WTDAUSA February 4, 2009
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