135 is a term used by an rapper from Coventry named frawzy this word is similar to slime or bro. But 135 means deep love and affection.
“She’s My 135 bro
Yeah bro that’s my 135”
Shout out my 135 man”
by Dontlack February 24, 2020
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I love you without a shadow of a doubt. I've tried to connect with you and you seemed uninterested. I've followed your gentle nudges and I've read your messages. I'm ready for more...
135 we seem to hit a wall
by Wanderlust_271 February 25, 2023
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You are here with me 💞
You are showing up in unexpected ways
135...Thank you for being here 💐
by Wanderlust_127 February 25, 2023
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I'm not going anywhere, mi amor
My love for you will never fade
I promise

I've never felt this way before for anyone

como tu
There's only room in my heart ❤️ for You, mi amor
Sólo tu, yo prometo 🌹
I'm still here
135...yo prometo 🤍❤️🔥
by Wanderlust_127 February 25, 2023
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You: I have to take chem 135 next semester. Is it hard? Me: *heavy breathing* *starts crying* *remembers what's a nice GPA looked like*
by GodofTraps December 3, 2014
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Rule stating that any song that exists either has, or will soon have a dubstep remix.
Rule 135 would include Wu-tang clan, Beatles, and Super Mario Bros. remixes.
by webstergeon June 25, 2010
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