An all American, blue collar town that takes pride in their Dalers as they continue to dominate massapequa.

A great football program which spans over 50 years in its committment to excellence.
It's young Farmingdale football players that start out playing for the Hawks are brought up by their hard working, blue collar parents at an early age to despise and hate their crybaby, overprivledged, snobbish mustang rivals. As our boys graduate to FHS, they are welcomed to the family of the great Daler tradition and taught to seek out and destroy massapizza. By the way, the overall record is 22-12-2, Dalers up by 10. Check the archives losers!!!
by Rob48 August 28, 2007
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Farmingdale is a town on long island. It is also know as "dirty dale", "farmingdale home of the dalers", and "the dalers".It destroys all teams in the athletic department, farmingdale crushes massapueqa in every sport. Almost all of the boys play some type of sport. The farmingdale high school is obssessed with sports. farmingdale over all is just an amazing town, better then all and hotter then all.
wow i wish i lived in farmingdale

damn we lost agasint farmingdale again!
by hahah:) March 23, 2009
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the greatest town in america just north of the biggest guido infested area of the world, aka massapequa, home of the faggots, who love there butt plugs oiled up before penetrattion.

home of the dalers who shit on massapequa every year in football and lacrosse.
"yo chiefs lets go get our asses whooped by farmingdale before we go gel our hair and get into our armani and get rammed up the butthole"
by getoffourisland January 18, 2009
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a town in which after destoying the rival town of Massapequa, go home and fuck Pequa's women
After Farmingdale won the Nassau County Chanpionship, they went home and ran train on the Massapequa cheerleaders.
by kiefer March 21, 2005
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A town comprised of many males who aspire to nothing but sports. Even though the entire school is obsessed with sports such as Football and Lacrosse, farmingdalers have something to show for it. No matter how much Massapequa may think they are better than farmingdale in such said sports... they..sadly are NOT. Proven so after Farmingdale took home the LI Championships in football.
No matter how much Massapequa wishes they were better FARMINGDALE WILL ALWAYS KICK ASS IN ALL GAMES AGAINST THEM.
by Jbean June 11, 2005
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1. A town on Long Island in which all of its inhabitants receive pleasure in the rear. Their athletes especially enjoy this before they have an event.
2. A town in which the athletes get brutally murdered in all sports by Massapequa especially football and Lacrosse.
Farmingdale lost the lacrosse championship to Massapequa once again!
by Cheif February 19, 2005
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