Also 'Pardon my French.' Phrase mumbled insincerely immediately after or before one swears a blue streak within earshot of the elderly, the young, or the simply uptight.
'Excuse my French, but that woman is a fucking cunt.'
or, after stubbing one's toe,
'OW! FUCK! JEEESUS! I'm sorry ... excuse my French.'
by Shameless September 05, 2003
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Something soccer moms often say before, after, or in between swearing, as if to convince someone that they are speaking to that they have picked up a foreign language, and are not just using words like fuck, shit, ass, bitch, or possibly Barbara Steisand.
Excuse my french, but little jason is just the most retarded fucking little bastard on the block. Too bad his fucking whore of a mother didn't use a condom.
by Al October 14, 2003
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1. To pardon one's self of foul language.
2. To pardon one's self of going against the grain of social establishment, political correctness, fundamental beliefs, or popular culture.
Pardon my french, but I dont really like shopping at the Gap.
by Reverend Chaos September 05, 2003
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French is commonly associated with sexual vulgarity. The idea that anything French is wicked, sexual, and decadent has invited many English speakers to insult the frogs.
The term "French" has many other sexual meanings. French culture is a common sex worker euphemism for oral sex, a French lesson is a visit to a prostitute, French kissing is a more vulgar kind of kissing. They used to call porn pictures "French prints" and being Frenchified was catching syphilis.
Reference: The Slanguage of Sex by Brigid McConville & John Shearlaw, 1985.
Excuse my french, but that guy is such a fucking douche, he tried to dead horse my roommate while she was passed out drunk!
by Mistress Liz March 01, 2005
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