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The act of jumping off of a bridge into water for amusement. Term probably originated in Fairport, NY or somewhere in upstate New York. Usually done in the Erie Canal.
I touched the bottom of the canal when i was scumming yesterday.
by Time89 April 22, 2005
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A term used by mountain bike cyclists to describe road bike cyclists
He/she is more into scumming than mountain biking


It's too muddy in the forest for mountain biking, I might go an do some scumming instead
by fridayshoes November 17, 2015
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The abuse given to ex-scummers (Southampton) players or managers when they play against Pompey. It is a simple chant of "scummer! scummer! scummer!" whilst pointing an extended finger (flexing vertically from the elbow) at the said player.
Ere, Bob. Did you know that the fat scummer Beattie is now playing for Accrington Stanley? He's gonna get a right royal scumming if he plays at Fratton Park next season!
by Gaz06 February 17, 2013
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1.being intoxicated, or acting like a low life. doing somthing you know's wrong but doing it anyway. last night at leroys party, i was stright scummin' man
2.tony's scummin' man!
3.i scummed in my pants
by lil cuco January 08, 2004
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The post-party art of laying about doing absolutely nothing. Often times, scumming partakes upon ones couch or friend's couch. The only movements are for the necessity of sustenance, flatulence and bodily fluid relief. Usually, scumming follows a bender of some sorts.
1. Lights off, AC on... let the day of scumming commence.
2. Girlfriend -" You have been scumming all fucking day! Let's do something!"
3. Matt - "I can't wait to rage at that party tonight!"
Yogi - "I can't wait to scum and eat Del Taco tomorrow."
by iamfaced May 04, 2012
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