Scum is the epitome of a worthless, good-for-nothing human. They are at the bottom of the hierarchy of humans, even coming in below most fuckbois.
That was so mean of them; they are scum.
by M Fulker February 27, 2015
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n. These are people who does not follow rules, as defined by Obito Uchiha in one of the most famous anime, Naruto
Obito: Those who does not follow the rules are scum. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
by ACNOLOGIA December 8, 2021
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low life person. Who insults other people because the person is self conscious of themselves. They act like everything is a joke and picks fights with everyone.
by Theatregeek147 February 24, 2017
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1) Someone who has very few morals and often does things to aggravate another person
2) Someone who is arrogant and uncontiously aggravates other people
3) A build up of grime on any kind of surface
<i>That guy is such scum.</i>
<i>Look at all the scum on this counter!</i>
by Acephalous March 31, 2004
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A layer of impurities that accumulates at the surface of a liquid (especially water or molten metal)

A derogotory phrase to describe someone.
Oh fuck man, I got scum all over my fucking shoes!

That Semuel Grieg is the biggest scum in Western Sydney!
by alschpq2rasdjifgqapwy September 13, 2010
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Undesirable football fan following crap teams that play in yellow tops in Hertfordshire, UK.
by Gobungu August 16, 2005
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