Gettin your shit together/gathering your composure
Dammit Shannon, hurry up and get your damn scruples together - we’re gonna be late!

Fuck, Jennifer forgot to come into work again, that bitch needs to get her scruples together already
by The Countryman’s August 12, 2018
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A new STD that can be caught by simply looking at the feet of an infected person. This strand is five times deadlier than all the STDs combine.
He's got Scruples? Good god, run away kids!
by Jato Unleashed October 5, 2009
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A showing of particular distaste and/or disagreement with any statement or person.
An englishman walks into a bar. He sees an attractive female. He asks her on a date. She says no. "DISPENSE WITH YOUR SCRUPLES, WENCH. I WILL HAVE THOUST BOOTY"
by Tballer4596 September 11, 2012
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To be bold and unapologetic in an action.
"Julian, did you just tip that stripper in pesos? You have no scruples."
by Muffin Bombay March 21, 2014
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Testicle. When used in the plural, refers to both testes and the scrotum. Can also include the entire male undercarriage.
She gingerly brushed his scruples.

Man, he must have huge scruples.

I don't wear speedos anymore after snagging my scruples on the dock.
by diernacnud September 11, 2009
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