If you know a Julian... He can be you best friend and when he isn't joking around making people laugh he is kind caring and will take in all your problems and help you through them to the best of his ability. And listen lady's he can tell when you like him so don't hide it he is very intuitive of people's feelings around him. And don't worry if your the kind of girl who wants to be a little flirt and your his girlfriend he will write you peoms and songs about you and for you and he gives the best compliments ever! Plus if you wanna get in bed with him don't worry by the age of just 13 he already has a 6 inch doodle. So do worry bout that ether ;). Plus, if your interested in him feel free to just tell him how you feel he won't mind he likes when you just tell him instead of your friends telling him for you. But, break his heart and you lose the best person in your life forever! And one final thing bout him he usually has brown hair with hazel eyes tall and he is smart and he blush dark red if you get him to that stage hehe.
Julian is the greatest person you will ever meet agreed?

by Flash flash 100 yard dash June 17, 2017
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A sweet, intelligent guy with really good looks. He's athletic and an overall good person. A lot of people like him because he's just a good guy. He sometimes has a short fuse but he's a very nice person. He's searching for the right girl and is looking for true love. Ladies, give him a chance.
That Julian is the sweetest guy I've ever met. I think he'd be a great boyfriend.

Julian is soo cute and athletic

Almost everything about this guy is great. I bet his name is Julian
by booooboooo31 July 6, 2011
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A nice caring soft hearted boy that always makes people laugh and he stands up for what he believes in honestly Julian is such a great guy his hugs are literally like hugging a pot of gold.
Fuck i wish I would get the ladies like Julian
by Okay... June 25, 2014
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1.Julian is baby boy name means baby boy born from Julius family. People named Julian are always bright guys, have power to influence others, little shy, handsome and always dress updated.
2.Boys called Julian are mysterious with magnetic personality that make bitches fall in love with them

3.Julian is always a cool dude and knows how to keep own privacy making people struggle trying to understand 'em.
4.Always boys called Julian are good counselor
Percy Julian was a very bright guy who did a lot in Chemistry.
I wanna date Julian he is such a cool dude.
I am no longer dating Julian he is a playa.
by julianmosha December 4, 2016
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A hard-working, kind, and loving person. Trustworthy and cares about other's feeling's even if it means going out of his way to make you smile. Is very honest and loves to laugh and have fun. Julian sets goals and works very hard to achieve them. Julian may be hard to open up however once he's opened you'll see a very sweet and nice person. Gives a positive energy which can light up anyone's mood. Very polite and uses his manners, always respectful. Julian brings joy to people's lives. And truly is an amazing person.
who are you dating?
Julian the kindest and loving person!
by pearl2201 November 19, 2017
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A very honest man who is freakishly horny. He gets hard an average of 45 times per day. Many woman like him and dream of having sex with him. He is a player but everyone loves him because he is sweet like candy. He has an overactive imagination and can make up very sexual stories that can turn anyone on and get them wet like a lake.
It felt like Julian was taking over my body.

I was having a wet dream thanks to Julian.

Have you ever experienced a Julian inside you?

Damn you are harder than a Julian!
by mememememememe January 9, 2008
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Julian has eyes that reflects so much emotions when he looks at me..It’s so beautiful. I love his passion for art and sometimes photography; he’s obsessed with jojo (sigh) but he’s so cute and I love him so much
Do you love Julian?
Julian? Yes of course
by Imacherry099 September 27, 2019
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