The president managed to keep his composure during his speech even when TelePrompTer broke down, leaving him without a script.
by Larstait November 11, 2003
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The house of composure is a fictional establishment where nothing resembling madness can occur. Legend has it, the house of composure may have once been located at the corner of Tremont and Tremont in Boston, MA or at the corner of Columbus and Columbus just a few blocks away. Many young people aspire to one day attain one of the 100 bedrooms inside the house of composure but have yet to find it.
"House of composure, where is your posture?"

"This is the room of emotions, NOT the house of composure."

by simmaranfo March 27, 2007
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Composure is kept during all curcumstances and despite the fact that these faggots try to disturb Composure nothing can really budge the gang.
Wow you're part of Composure? Let me have your children.
by Composure (trademarked) April 2, 2022
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