A commonly used Northern Irish term meaning to be hit by a vehicle. It is mostly used as the past-tense of 'scrub' which can be used as a verb or a noun.

Our variation of the word 'scrub' is more akin to the act of washing (scrubbing) than the millenial definition of scrub which has no real definition and can be used to refer to anyone and anything.

Scrub as a verb.

1. To hit (someone or something) with a vehicle.

Scrub as a noun.
1. Scrubbing (someone or something) with your vehicle.
Jim: Shit mate that wee auld man over there just got scrubbed by that taxi lol
Jonzer: Mate that's tight mon over see if he's alright.
by SkinnedHamster October 30, 2019
To totally remove someone from their life completely by deleting tagged photos, texts, and contact information.
Beth got mad at Jarred and Scrubbed him last month. He's history now
by Potbelly Stallion January 3, 2017
Barely touch, rub or "skim" the top of a double jump on either a motocross or BMX bike.
He scrubbed the whoop's and made up a lot of lost time.
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
Man that kid is such a scrub.

Nah, he's a worse, he's a scrub scrub.
by Risky Plissken April 22, 2009
Something they say about 500 times per episode on Grey's Anatomy.
Intern: "Doctor, I had sex with you, please let me in on this surgery."
Doctor: "Okay, scrub in."
by CMAN May 30, 2013
A guy who mooches off of everyone else and has nothing going for him in life. Probably still lives with his mama, doesn't have a car, a job, or a plan.
Mmhmm Gurl, I had some scrub try to holler at me from his friend's car yesterday.
by Thatcrazychic February 29, 2016
To wash the hands and forearms very thoroughly, as for surgery. To scrub in implies the use of a brush (and often an implement to clean under the nails). To scrub in, to scrub up, and to scrub are synonymous.
I'm not going to scrub in for surgery.
Do you want to scrub in for an appendectomy ?
by aaa1976 September 7, 2011