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Common reaction to when someone suggests something completely ludicrous and ridiculous that is generally a bad idea. Loosely an alternative to a facepalm.

Originated and popularly used amongst the youth of South London, like its brother, nao.
A: "I'm gonna ask her out."
B: "Skr; you can't even talk to your sister without fainting, fam, and she is well clapped."

A: "Let's invite Jordan to Croydon..."
B: "Skr; he's like bare awkward."

A: "Safe, can you wait one minute for me?"
B: "Skr; that's sooo long doe!"
by Trouvemonde August 21, 2014
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Very talented and skilful in someone's rapping (The use of this word in this context started to get popularised in China in July 2018, by a famous singer Kris Wu recurrently saying that word in a TV show called the Rap of China).
That rapper is skr!
His flow is skr!
His break between the bars is skr skr!
by Dr_Nina_Wang_jks July 28, 2018
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