Left Eye is and always will be the best. And will always be missed.
by RIPlefteye July 14, 2008
The act of a female burning down, whether purposefully or accidentally, her boyfriend/husband's home after a petty argument a la Left Eye from 90s group TLC
I guess she went through his cell phone saw a text from another chick and straight pulled a Left Eye on his ass. Hope he had fire insurance.
by aaronp12 February 21, 2011
A girl who is ugly, but crazy (good) in the sack. This is likely to be because of the Rapper Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez who was ugly, but had a wild personality. This is the opposite of an Aaliyah
Guy 1: man you hooked up with Lily?!? Damn she's ugly.

Guy 2: Yeah but she's a total Left Eye. It was like Bella Loves Jenna.
by TGPFTW October 1, 2011
the phattest ghettoest thuggest member of the best female group of all time, TLC!! we miss you, Lisa!!
yo, have you had the chance to hear left eye's rap in 3D? man, i'm tellin' ya, TLC won't ever be the same now that she's gone.
by inq October 9, 2003
A lost member of the very popular r&b/hip hop group TLC. T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli dominated the 90's with their albums Oooh On the TLC Tip, Crazy Sexy Cool, and Fan Mail. Left Eye did the raps in the songs. She was the crazy in Crazy Sexy Cool. She was fun and unique. She was tragically killed in a car accident in Hondouras. She will be missed and never forgotton.
"T-C, L (Left Eye) not replaced" - Chilli in "Can U Hear Me" with Missy Elliot.
by RIPAaliyah July 14, 2005
a thugged out female who left us in a car crash. who wore a condom on her left eye to promted safe sex she is a queen keep it up t-boz and chilli
like your grand mother died and u didnt know what to do she was my queen and im going to miss here R.I.P
by obidiah June 16, 2005