Standing in the hot sun, freezing rain, dust, and fumes and noises all day... people ask why we do it? it is all for a chance to watch some of the worlds best athletes duke it out as they fly past the fence up hills, over jumps and through whoops that most people wouldnt want to walk through.

and next time you try to say your sport is better, that motocross is only twisting the throttle - try roaring off of a starting gate with 40 of the worlds best riders, around a tight corner and into 3 foot whoops, over 80 foot doubles, and around corners at 40 mph through any weather and terrain conditions you can imagine, week in and week out, banging bars with the worlds elite, and you will quickly see why it is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

if you make it to the end of the season, your work is not done. the training never ends... you immediately start training for the next series and trying to eliminate your weaknesses, improve on your strenghts, dial in your bike and find that next level of speed to beat the competition.

all of the dirt, grime, pain, mud, funes, noise, and hard work and determination are what make up a true motocross rider... but the thrill of firing up your bike, the adrenaline of a jump, and the exhilaration of a win make all of it worth it in a minute

this is motocros...
motocross is life

motocross is the 2nd most physically demanding sport
by YZdirtrider13 May 23, 2006
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a way of life...a demanding sport that is not for the weak in mind. even though its a male dominated sport doesnt mean chicks like me cant race just as good or even better. The intensity of the rush of thrill is like no other feeling in the world. The sport is not about winning. It is about determination and drive to accomplish a goal.
racing a dirt bike and knowing uve done the best you could do is coming from the mind of the best motocrosser out there
by motoxchik106 April 29, 2006
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MotoCross is a sport about passion where man and machine come toghther to perform the most grueling sport known to man ,theres no time outs or quiting there only two way to get off this track and thats by finishing the race or die trying , this is the ultimate sport none of that bullcrap about cross-country or about soccer, Motocross is a sport where it involves more than 1 ball to play ...
I ride Motocross Cause i have 2 balls and not just 1 ..
by DonrunWitscisorz December 16, 2004
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Off road motorcycle racing

Rated the worlds second most phyically demanding sport in the world below professional mens soccer.
It is a racing sport with dirt bikes

It includes many forms:
Supercross- indoor racing, tee-peed jumps, hairpin turns, ect.
Flattrack - (someone else explain)
Enduro - (someone else explain)
Trail riding - someone on a trail bike ridng in a feild or somthing

Motocross is all of those but mostly refered to as the outdoor national type tracks. Good dirt is somewhere beteen light brown to red and dark brown. Usually jumps are include and a whoopdidoo (whoops) section along with sweeper turns and such.
biily bob thorton-- "what are you up to today, bubba ateaberger?"
Bubba -- "im goin to ride moto"

Sqiudly kid who doesnt really race -- "yeah i eide motocross. I did a backflip over the big red barn at my ncles farm" ... sure ya did squidly
by Jonny Donut June 5, 2004
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The person who posted before me is an idiot. Motocross is NOT about the "hott guys". It's a helluva lot more than that. I've been racing dirtbikes for about 6 years now. I'm 14. It takes more than guts and determination to get on one and race it. You have to build up your muscules for years just to have enough stamina to finish a race. It is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. I'm the only girl that I know of that races dirtbikes. Not one of my friends know how to even start one. So don't try to tell me that it's just about the "hott guys". I'd like to see you ride one.
Someday you'll see what I mean.
by from_autumn_to_ashes January 20, 2004
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L I F E, a form of racing offroad motorcyles over obstacles like tripples and whoops (they are jumps)
I would die withou it
by Mitchell Thomas April 19, 2004
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Off-road motorsport involving small capacity (50 - 600cc) two and four stroke motorcycles with massive suspension. Motocross originated from flat grasstrack racing on unduating terrian which increasingly involved humps, bumps, and jumps, to the point that today's modern tracks are almost totally man-made courses that sees competitors challenged by the obstacles almost as much as other riders.

Motocrosss as a sport is a balance between fitness and skill. More like tennis or soccer than marathon running or archery, a successful motocross rider must have fast reflexes; a wiry, supple strength; enough endurance for the rider to perform at lactate threshold intensity for 30-60 minutes; bike handling skills learned from hundreds or even thousands of hours of practice; and enough daring and confidence in their ability to tackle the most dangerous obstacles without fear of concequence.
So it was like, Whoa! Check the killer quads coming outa the back straight! I just knew I needed to be in front of Jimbob before we hit them, he couldn't handle his quads, and I didn't wanna be tailing him... If he holeshotted, I'd have to try to take him out over the whoops in the second straight... He'd understand and be cool about it. This IS Motocross after all.
by Reefy February 24, 2006
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