What happens when Google Maps takes you to a trailer park with a sign that read "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." instead of the Starbucks you had been searching for.

This term can be used any time Google Maps gives you bad driving directions.
So after driving around the same block for twenty minutes in the ghetto and nearly getting shot, I realized that there was no Barnes and Noble. I'd been painfully scroogled."
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Getting rejected in a Google interview, ( a software engineering interview, not for hipster positions such as HR or Marketing). Basically means being asked tough ass algorithmic questions and not being able to answer one or more of these questions and getting rejected by Google as a result.
Me: Hey, I had my Google interviews last week.
Friend: Woah. Did the results come in?
Me: Yeah, I got scroogled.
Friend: Aww that's too bad. Don't let it get to you.
Me: Yeah, for sure man. Just lost a $100,000 job with some crazy perks. No biggie.
Friend: Let's do PizzaBoozeTelly?
Me: Yeah, PizzaBoozeTelly.
by burtWrapper April 28, 2015
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A stupid campaign made by Microsoft to bash Gmail about how they tailor it's ads based on keywords from the email. They also started a website and a petition about it.
Guy 1: "Hey, I heard your dog died, but Google offered me some pet coupons. "

Guy 2: "You've just been Scroogled."
by TopTopLel February 21, 2013
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When one is falsely convinced by Microsoft's e-mail, Outlook, that Gmail is hazardous and invasive of their privacy, even though they aren't.
Joe: Dude! I heard that Gmail reads everything you write! I don't feel secure using Gmail anymore.
Bob: Nobody at Google reads your emails. Microsoft is just stirring up trouble.
Joe: Oh.
Bob: You just got Scroogled.
by Almighty Ugly Green One February 28, 2013
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combination of "screwed" and "google"
usually the expression used when using google maps and they give you wrong directions for the place you searched.
SCROOGLE! I was late to my daughter's basketball game because google sent me to the wrong address!
by sliderxuk January 24, 2008
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To juggle your balls in your hand through your ballsack.
Last night my dog was watching me scroogle and it was awesome
by NiggaBallsHDMI June 18, 2021
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What happens to users who use Google services due to revelation of collaboration with the NSA. The collaboration is so deep, Google isn't even allowed to discuss their level of involvement. Unrelated to Microsoft marketing campaign. Related: microshafted
I was reading a news story that I found while searching on Google. Turns out I'm scroogled because the NSA has my search history.
by dipiddy July 12, 2013
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