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When a person is mad for whatever reason and has to take a shit. They decide to shit in their hand and then leave the shit in a public location. Typically, finger markings are left in the shit to make it appear like a hand grenade. Originally mentioned on the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning radio show.
Joe was so ticked at his boss when he worked at a movie theater that he left an angry gorilla in the urinal.
by dipiddy July 26, 2011
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When you trust a popular person without any responsibility more than a person in authority. Coined in an article from Forbes where a Reader's Digest poll found that actors ranked higher than politicians in terms of trust.
Kids today have Ben Affleck syndrome. They trust Justin Bieber more than their teachers.
by dipiddy May 16, 2013
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What happens to users who use Google services due to revelation of collaboration with the NSA. The collaboration is so deep, Google isn't even allowed to discuss their level of involvement. Unrelated to Microsoft marketing campaign. Related: microshafted
I was reading a news story that I found while searching on Google. Turns out I'm scroogled because the NSA has my search history.
by dipiddy July 12, 2013
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1) Raping a boy in a public shower (usually a university).

2) What Jerry Sandusky did to young boys.
I totally horsed around with Joe's kid last weekend.
by dipiddy November 15, 2011
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Laurie: I hated last night. The bar was too crowded.
Patrick: dmtb
Laurie: What does that mean?
Patrick: Nothing honey.
by dipiddy September 24, 2013
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