In video games, to keep a person or object in midair by hitting it multiple times. Especially used in fighting games like Super Smash Brothers.
"Alex can juggle Sandbag like nobody's business. He kept it up for more than 5 minutes!"
by knickls May 3, 2009
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the ability to date/obtain as many women as you possibly can with out being caught. to be able to "juggle" you have to have swag, without swag you have nothing.
Ooooh Rob, you crazy to juggle that hardd!
by #jugglin'hard August 16, 2011
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Trying to date multiple people at the same time, to have multiple sexual partners during the same period in one's life
Guy: "Isn't stressful having a girlfriend, a wife, and 2 side jawns?!?!?"

Guy2: "It's called juggling my man, only the strong survive!"
Guy: "Whatever dude, have fun catching herpes"
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 18, 2015
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The ultimate sport. This involves, normally, keeping more objects, usually balls, in the air than you have hands (so, 2 in one hand, 3 in one hand, 3 in 2 hands, 4 in 2, etc)

Popular items for juggling Include balls, rings, clubs, scarves, fire torches, fireballs, although many other items have been used, including furniture

A person who juggles is called a Juggler.

There are several other branches of juggling, such as Diabolo (two handsticks with string between them, and and hourglass shaped 'diabolo' spinning between them), Devilsticks (two handsticks, and a longer stick you keep balanced on them), and Contact Juggling, which involves keeping one ball in contact with you at all times while rolling it around your body. This is one of the most mezmerising forms of juggling

Juggling is the best pastime ever invented, and people that can juggle should be hekld in high esteem by normal peasants.
Dude, the other day I was juggling 3 pineapples and two apples, and peasants were watching me amazed
by Kore Juggler May 19, 2006
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To talk and/or be interested in more than one person of the opposite sex. In order to juggle, one must successfully keep all parties seperate from eachother so that no one knows the others exist. Also, the juggler must be able to schedule/plan their events in order to not be found out.

Synonyms: Player, Skeez, Fucker
I am currently juggling three girls right now and they all want to do me tonight, oops
by Jugglinfool May 1, 2009
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If small ducks are called ducklings then small jugs (boobs) are called jugglings.
by Byoqi November 26, 2007
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To be held in the air by a weapons projectiles until death.
Gifin got juggled by Uni's Long Range Gernades.
by Uni June 14, 2003
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