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In video games, to keep a person or object in midair by hitting it multiple times. Especially used in fighting games like Super Smash Brothers.
"Alex can juggle Sandbag like nobody's business. He kept it up for more than 5 minutes!"
by knickls May 02, 2009
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the ability to date/obtain as many women as you possibly can with out being caught. to be able to "juggle" you have to have swag, without swag you have nothing.
Ooooh Rob, you crazy to juggle that hardd!
by #jugglin'hard August 16, 2011
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Nickname for a girl that is 12 and has tits. (Requirement to use this nickname is she must have really nice tits.)
by Medium J March 03, 2004
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An act in which a womman puts a man's nutsack in her mouth and flicks it around with her tounge.
Amy gets a twinkle in her eye when she juggles my nuts.
by 44incher July 05, 2006
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