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a late addition, something added at the last minute that wasn't previously considered.

Scope + Creep
Quick Screep, i need this extra feature on the website

Sorry Sir we have had to screep your order, the fish is off.
by matt99 September 09, 2010
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sketchy + creep, a person (generally a man) who is a weirdo and usually a prick or ass
"wow, that screep over there just tried to grab my ass.."
by allison April 10, 2005
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Screep is a truly unique word. It this the combination of the words: scream and weep.

People usually screep when they are watching Dan and Phil, Supernatural, Sherlock, and Lost.

Or if they are reading a really good fanfiction.
Twist and Shout made me screep for ten hours. What about you, John?
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by IWouldDieButImAlive July 11, 2018
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A screep is like a really intense screech. It can also be using to replace "LMAO" and I'M DYING" when texting your angsty teen friends. And you all have that friend who just has that same sick, twisted humor as you. They can also be referred to as a "screep" or "screepy". It's very fun to say in a sentence and will be found very amusing to large crowds.
Friend A: OmG LoOk At tHiS nEW MeME i fOunD
Friend B: omgggg i love this one it makes me screep!!!!!
by bRiAnAMaNzAnA May 23, 2018
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When you have to silently pull an object across something that makes any kind of noise in order to be undetected.
I had to screep this broken glass across the aluminum foil without waking Steve so he didn't know I broke the lightbulb.
by sporjaculation December 23, 2016
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