I thick nigga that when any bitch sees him the instantly get aroused and strip for him. If you have a wife and Brenden goes to your house your wife will divorce you and start bouncing on his dick. He is immune to any std and will steal any girl with a nice succulent booty
I invited Brenden to my house and my girlfriend dumped me and started sucking his dick
by Supniggabithc February 15, 2018
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A Brenden is a person who doesn't quite know what he wants, but once he figures it out he fights till the end to get it. Brenden is a great friend because he is trustworthy and he keeps secrets and promises. He will always be there to talk to or to hold you when you need a hug. Brenden is always the fun of the party and he will always keep you laughing. He knows exactly want to say at the right times, and he doesn't see how amazing he is. Brenden thinks of himself as less then average when really he is so much more.
by IAmBabs January 15, 2010
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Brenden’s are super serious and stoic until you get to know them. But when you get close they are funny, caring, and overall an amazingly loyal friend. Amazing in bed, insanely hot, but has a low self esteem. Brenden’s probably do something in the STEM field like computers, medical stuff or engineering. He catches everyone’s eye and is known for being charming and intelligent.
Person 1: Who the hell is that? They are so hot

Person 2: Oh, that’s Brenden. I know!!!!!
by Ringpop princess October 18, 2019
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Brenden’s are the greatest guys. They love attention and make everyone laugh. They aren’t the strongest but are very strong on being confident in there goals and passions. They are meme lovers. Never mess with a Brenden they have many

friends. If you become friends with a Brenden, never let them go because they have your back!❤️❤️❤️
Friend: don’t mess with him you break his heart , I will break your face.
Brenden: Thanks 😊
by Ry ry the Queen November 3, 2019
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Brenden is a name of a really cute boy who is funny and his smile is the world🥵
Wow that guy is such a brenden
by Shaquisha P. May 2, 2019
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Brenden is the kinda guy that just wants love. Wants a loyal girl by his side through everything, and will cheer him on at his football, baseball, and wrestling matches. He's a country boy, that loves the Lord Above. Trys his best to make you laugh, and if he doesn't he finds a way to make you smile. He sometimes worries a lil to much and stresses a lil to much but always comes back to reality.
Brenden is such a loving guy.
by #1EDOD June 8, 2017
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