Similar to 'owned.' Used to describe a total domination of the opposition.
by Steve Zaepfel January 16, 2008
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referring to the loser of a one-sided fight
1.)He got scraped
2.)My man scraped his ass
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
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To get destroyed, pulverized, obliterated, or murdered in a certain activity.
Wow. I, Adam, really got scraped in Fifa by Nick....I'm really, it's starts with a S...sad....
by FifaPro6969 November 10, 2014
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Snapchat Raped (SnapChatRAPED) The act of taking a picture or video of a snapchat using a second camera or phone
I sent this really dirty picture to her using snapchat and the bitch scraped me
by Littlz October 13, 2013
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To describe a person intruding on something. To say that one has come out of nowhere and intruded on a conversation.
Originates from Pupils at Gunnersbury Catholic School West London
'two people have a conversation', 'another person listens in'
one person out the original two people says "scrape out" to the other person.

'a person wants to join a gang' one of the gang members say "scrape out u wasteman, your just a scrape from the bin*"

*implies person is a tramp and is on the same level as a scrape from the bin.
by Mkaywest December 2, 2007
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When a person intrudes on ones conversation or activities when not invited or asked.
Andrew: This piff is bangin!
Patrick: Yeah i know!
Dan Bell: Can i try some
Andrew: Stop Scraping in!


Tom: Wanna go ice skating?
Ricardo: Ok
Dan Bell: Yeah what time
Tom: You really need to stop Scraping in NOW!
by waterboy2510 March 24, 2010
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Patients tend not to wear his hearing aids if they can scrape by without them.
by Jaybona December 12, 2009
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