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To describe a person intruding on something. To say that one has come out of nowhere and intruded on a conversation.
Originates from Pupils at Gunnersbury Catholic School West London
'two people have a conversation', 'another person listens in'
one person out the original two people says "scrape out" to the other person.

'a person wants to join a gang' one of the gang members say "scrape out u wasteman, your just a scrape from the bin*"

*implies person is a tramp and is on the same level as a scrape from the bin.
by Mkaywest December 02, 2007

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A term used to describe something darker than black.
(originates from the streets of West London)
Example 1:
friend 1: oi mate you know that new guy in the club
friend 2: what about him?
friend 1: he bare blik, he so blik he camouflages in the shadows.

Example 2:
'oi man when i was out at night i couldn't see at all it was fucking blik!'
by Mkaywest December 05, 2007

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Combination of two words Fuck/Retard to express two insults.
Random Guy 1:Man I've no-coated a a girl

Random Guy 2:What?

Random Guy 1:I Mean i Barebacked her

Random Guy 2:Arggh you Fucktard
by Mkaywest August 21, 2008

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another term used for Shit
'you are walking and you fall over' "bloody SHOWZER!"
by Mkaywest December 01, 2007

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