Hell on Earth. Run while you still can
Gary: Aw dude it really sucks that you go to Catholic school. That's such a hellhole
Ren: I know dude! It draws so much attention away from my Satanic rituals!
Gary: Wanna make out in the church?
Ren: Hell yes
by bluuskkye77 September 23, 2018
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1) Another name for hell

2) A place that restricts everything, nail polish, hair dye, normal clothes, heels over a centimeter, etc
3) A school where the education is supposedly better, also they have religion class

4) Most of the kids are atheists
1) “Oh god, I hope catholic school isn’t that bad”
3) Teacher: “Ok so since you go to a catholic school, you must have religion class
Class: *rolls eyes*
4) “Ellen went to catholic school for high school, I hear she’s atheist now”
by shook.cat June 9, 2018
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A place where no human would ever want to go. All the positive definitions, they've all been brainwashed. I went to Catholic school for 3/8 years, and I lost my mind. Everyone there is a rich, exclusive snob, and they only like you if you're good at sports, and even if you are, the still will sometimes ignore you. The students there are whores, and if your don't believe that, they're jerks. The education there is terrible, too. I didn't learn much of anything for 3 years. Most of the 6th graders didn't even know how to simplify fractions. I begged to move to a public school, and when I did, I was amazed at how friendly the people were, how the teachers were smarter and better, and how I actually had friends. Catholic school drove me insane. I hear/heard voices in my head, (Steven says hi btw), I was made fun of, I had no friends, and it just sucked. Please, if you're thinking of sending someone you love to Catholic school, don't. Don't even send someone you hate there, they probably don't deserve it. Take it from me, a survivor of Catholic school.
You can use the term "like a Catholic school" to describe place you don't like.
by boomhare January 2, 2016
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In the United States, enrollment reached its peak in the early 1960s, with approximately 5.2 million students. American Catholic elementary schools have seen a steep decline in enrollment in recent decades. Many are now closed. The system can be highly political and out of touch with the spiritual needs of its stakeholders. Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention IF and HOW the community is making a difference in children's faith journey, care for social justice, and building a better world, etc. If the school claims "excellent education," what is their definition of excellence? What benchmarks are they using?

PROS: People are generally nice. Spring break, summer break, winter break, students are fun, work is not stressful.
CONS: Low professional development/leadership pipeline opportunities for teachers and staff, very low pay, can be political. Low-tech. Religion/faith formation ironically can feel like an afterthought, a mandatory checkmark.

SUGGESTIONS: School communities vary. Read online reviews, visit schools, and do your research. Some schools are genuinely worth the investment. Others not so much. Independent Catholic elementary schools and Catholic high schools tend to have more resources. They share the same Catholic identity as its diocesan/archdiocesan schools but operate under separate governing structures: more innovation, less bureaucracy.
Catholic school can be great or traumatizing.
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✨ a waste of time ✨
The teachers are a bunch of fads and have absolutely no clue on what they're doing. They just teach their for a pay check. They make you take these stupid religion classes which don't even mater btw since no one there gives a shit about God. It's so hard to make friends. It's rooted in hell
Catholic School hardly teaches you anything !
by jungkooksgf December 18, 2021
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A school with uniforms, and no nuns or priests wandering around the hallways. They have religion class, which is a waste of time becasue half the people that attend catholic high schools don't give a shit about God. Catholic schools are much like normal schools, but, they have better weed and more drunk people at the school dances. People that attend catholic school aren't always catholic.. it doesn't matter, people that work at the school hardly ever believe in God. Religion teachers don't care if you believe in Jesus or not... they just want their paychecks. Catholic Schools are full or stoners, losers, emos, preps, jocks and bitches. So what's the difference between Catholic Schools and Public schools? Catholic schools have SAINT in front of there name, and have God on there side. Public school have satan... according to God.
biblebitch= "I go to a catholic school, excuse me as I whore my way around the entire football team and snort coke!"

publicebitch" i go to a public school, excuse me as i sleep with the entire football team and smoke weed."
by stargirll3 October 12, 2009
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Catholic school is the most amazing lit thing to ever be on planet earth. It’s where generations are passed down through traditions like drinking from kegs, smoking marijuana and hitting juuls. Everyone walks around in uniforms and skirts that are way too short. Catholic school kids party 24/7 and have no regrets about anything. They dgaf about anyone. The priests end up in rehab from drinking too much and all the parents turn up at the occasional football tailgate. Chatholic school students go hard in all aspects of life.
Oh sh** those kids are cool, they go to catholic school
by KingSnyder May 4, 2018
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