A picture of pussy, tits, dick, or ass, usually sent on cellular devices.
Send me a dirty picture, baby.
by sexibaby101 November 10, 2010
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Dirty picture are picture of either you naked, a picture of your boobs, your penis, your ass or your pussy.
These can be sent via Email or Texting.

Once these get around you are royaly fucked because it REALLY gets around.

It would be best to avoid taking dirty pictures of yourself because it could ruin your entire life.

Also a song by Tiao Cruz and Ke$ha
Example 1-
Guy (via text): Hey Brooke , send me a dirty picture of your titties ;)
Girl: Uh no, I heard Katie sent you one and now those pic's are all over school.
Guy: Whatever.

Example 2-
"I need to see a picture of you
A special picture just for me, yeah

So take a dirty picture for me
Take a dirty picture "
Group of girl- OMFG I looove this song !
by GirlWhoOnceTookAPicOfHerself January 7, 2011
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