While it means "Swing Left" in German, it is also the last name of one of the coolest super heroes to roam the world. That would be the Schwank Tank. His first name has been kept secret since every super hero keeps their name secret.
Schwenke is the coolest cat I know.
by David Schwenke June 05, 2008
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(n., v., adj.) The universal word for everything.
(n.) Wow, that schwenk is so cool!
(v.) Stop schwenking around!
(adj.) That movie was schwenking awesome!
(all) Get the schwenk off you schwenking schwenk-tard!
by Totally Awesome Super Cool Man November 26, 2008
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1.To be owned by, in relation to, or not at all, by Mr. Schwenk (God Bless His Name) or any one els.
2. To become extreemly angry or happy at something or someone.

3. to refer to a Faux Hawk in any way.
1. "hey Gick you just got Schwenked!" "shut up man!"
2. *fail test* "Schwenk this!"
3. "hey diggin the Schwenk cut!"
by Doctorspaz April 24, 2011
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A young German gal who enjoys a nice set of bangs, and dimps to match. In her spare time, she enjoys long horse rides on the beach, while smoking several ciggarettes simultaniously. She is also a recovering alcoholic.
Wow, Schwenk was looking mad adorble with her bangs today. Her dimps looked delicious today.
by Hannis October 10, 2007
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Schwenk(n.) Someone who is a little bitch and probably gay
Schwenk(v.) the act of cumming on your friends floor and making them clean it up
Person 1: Did you just Schwenk on my floor
Schwenk: yeah i did now pick it up
Person 1: youre lucky my moms asleep in the other room or id kick your ass
by Young B-$ May 29, 2013
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A man with a full head of hair except for his crown which is very very bald
my my he has nice hair from a distance but as you approach you can see he is actually a schwenk
by James Schwenk October 04, 2007
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