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V. 2008

The act of one-upping the person to whom you are speaking by continually interrupting them to tell a pointless story about how someone you know is and or has something better than they do.
So last week I was walking down the street and a Ferrari passed me...

Dude I know this one guy at home that has 3 Ferrari's and I heard that he drives them all the time

Fuck. Stop Schwartzing me.
by Ed_loves_jews January 27, 2011
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The act of annoying one's coworkers by public daily displays of voice projection that cover's an entire office space occupied by 40 or more workers. The voice consists of a harmonic modulation at least as bad as a orgy of very horny pigs. The content of the speech is low-class, offensive and repugnant, offering no value to those who hear it. Schwartzing has an ability to cause lack of concentration, difficulty remembering, and inciting imaginary fantasies of duct tape and ball gags.
Jane has been schwartzing every day since she started her job at Company ABC.
by Bill's Girl February 06, 2010
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When a man expels sperm onto a womans vagina and then using a straw sucks it up and then back down into the womans nose. The woman then sucks in the sperm through her nose and into her mouth.
A Unique Way to Jizz in Her Mouth Schwartzing
by Bob the Builder yes it can January 18, 2010
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