Unkempt and rumpled, less then put together. Road worn and sloppy. Tired
Sharron looked schlumpy after being in the car all day.
by JM01 May 19, 2006
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unwillingness to move
exhausted, without will
the height of laziness
Bob appeared schlumpy as he slouched on the couch.
by Silly Sue October 02, 2009
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Poor quality, looking less then adequate,grotesque condition and in need of improvement
Susan inspected the conditions of the department and found the conditions to be schlumpy and not up to par.
by super-sprout October 05, 2015
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slang for sleep. Can be used as an adjective to describe someones mood for a day. use this term when you are so tired the only thing you care to do is rub your Weiner. say it as soon as you hit the hay and slowly sink into the pillow.
adj: damn mike looks schlumpy schlump

noun: its schlumpy schlump time or I can't wait to go schlumpy schlump
by yerpdaddy January 25, 2019
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