Weiner: (W ee'ner)

1. To be the object of fucking, namely one's self and other's careers.

2. The embodiment of being a dick and a cunt simultaneously.

3. The art of humiliation regarding one's self. "I am such a Weiner"
Once the object of humor, today the connotation 'Weiner' evokes embarasment and bewilderment.
Boy I just fucked up the lives of pretty much everyone I know. I am such a fucking Weiner!
by Flock it October 30, 2016
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the most unfortunate last name on the planet, apparently.
teacher: suzie vincent?
suzie: here
teacher: jeff WEE-ner?
class: haha, wiener!
jeff: it's weiner. pronounced WHY-ner. assholes.
by sammydavisjrjr January 25, 2009
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Nothing makes me forget about REAL issues of national importance like a big fat Weiner.
by DankIsYourFriend June 17, 2011
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Any girl with this last name is most likely:

1. Cute, petite, sporty, and caring.

2. Hot, georgous, has piercing eyes, and looks totally cute driving a big truck.

3. Elegant, great sense of humor, moves her body like a cyclone and can pop, lock and drop it like nobodys business, but dont be fooled she can make one hell of a sandwich.
1. Is that the new model for victoria's secret? She is a total Weiner.

2. That weiner is so cute i just want to hold it.

3. I wish that weiner was in my truck.
by manlyAk907 July 3, 2010
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