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The climactic end to a sexual encounter. In the case of female Homo Sapiens, multiple may be expected.
So I made the beast with two back last night, and it ended with a giant sexplosion.
by Goose September 30, 2003
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A Person who takes a shit naked and passes out on the toilet in the middle of a party
Holy Shit Studenski is a Fuckin Shit-Goose
by Goose December 22, 2003
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An evil piece of the body that must be punished with copious amounts of alcohol.
"The liver is evil and must be punished!"
by Goose May 5, 2003
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Often American and always in your face, these people will not rest untill you are thinking like them. Are often Christian (see vinno's definition of christian) and want you to be too. These people are fucking up our world. (see George W Bush)
AHHHHHHHHHH A BASTARD! HELP HELP I am... thinking... like...

god bless america
by Goose March 17, 2004
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"You know, the bird. I'm sorry I hate it when it does that"
by Goose December 7, 2003
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Mandarine Chinese for that undefined- I "love" you
Ni Bu Ai Wo?
You Don't Love me? *TEAR*
by Goose February 10, 2005
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The act of sex where one partner crawls up into the female’s vagina, and curls up into the fetal position, only to emerge 10 hours later all wrinkled up, slimy, and slightly disoriented from the vaginal juices.
Dude, I’ve developed skin cancer from the sleeping bag that Jessica Yapp gave me yesterday night… fucking shit, dude…
by Goose May 25, 2003
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