Disorganized, all over the place. Making numerous mistakes because your mind is on too many things at once and consequently none at all.
"Oh man! I figured out my finances wrong and overspent, then it turned out I bought the wrong thing and it'll be too late to return for an exchange. Then later I remembered I was supposed to meet somebody for coffee. I totally forgot."

"Man, you need to slow down. You're overworked and overwhelmed and you've become scatterbrained!"
by DeeDeeLee December 04, 2012
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A person with a scatterbrain tends to lack focus, lacks direction in life, lacks concentration, extremely forgetful, disorganized, and does not have serious connected thoughts! Can't follow a simple conversation and gets confuse over small matters. These people tend to self- sabotaged any relationship they are in because their brain is all over the place.
Can't ask Greg he has a scatterbrain so he won't remember.
by I AM HOTEP! November 25, 2018
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The inability to produce any coherant thought pattern. Often a side effect of, but definitely not limited to, alcohol or drug consumption.
I don't know what happened last night, but i sure as hell am feeling scatterbrained this morning!
by da_sbpiyda March 03, 2004
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(a term used in the game Crime Scene on Facebook): a forgetful, disorganized person, who always forgets their things all over the place.
if you are a scatterbrain you shouldn't be planning any camping trip, leave that to your friends; otherwise you'll end up in the middle of beantown
by Sexydimma January 08, 2017
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n. A person, usually female, that makes no goddamn sense at all; *thinks* she has her shit together; doesn't employ logic and takes rather irrational approaches toward problem solving; and commonly does dumb shit.
Her dreams to become a sniper in the Army, her belief that having posed in a third-rate porno mag qualifies her as a "model", and the fact that she once traded a telephone for a baby to a known scatterbrain all indicated to me that *she* is a scatterbrain.
by Bro May 13, 2004
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The add-on effects of being scattered. Mass congestion of lost axons in the brain due to copious drug consumption. Scatterbrain differs from being scattered in that thought processing is realistically unachievable and conversation comprehension is below that of a heavyweight boxer.
See also - Scat - (Diego)
Fresh-C, suffering from the symptoms of scatterbrain, had to do a glassy shift in at the R-ey, but the resultant jubilation of hooking up a root was hastidly polarised by the fact that 74 Schooner Glasses are now causing elderly vets to slip discs.
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
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