13 definitions by Bro

while taking a shit you spread your legs and watch your shit fall into the water and it splashs back up into your rectum.
pooping on tara, running away and having Will eat it
by Bro October 14, 2004
To raise ones hand above the shoulder and with terminal velocity strike it across the face of the hoe.
My bitch was actin' up so I had to pimp-slap the hoe.
by Bro April 25, 2003
sicky gnar gnar is totally agg bro. like totally sick like my f-150 with 10 inch lift!!
"Bro, did you see that skin tat on the bro on the dirt bike? it was totally sicky gnar gnar!"

"Bro that Famous Stars and Straps shirt is sicky gnar gnar bro!!!"
by Bro April 20, 2005
(v) To make-out spastically.
So, you wanna come over and slob or something?
by Bro May 13, 2004
n. A person, usually male, that has an unfavorable personality or annoying habits. Generally implies stupidity or ignorance.
Don't be so surprised he got thrown in jail. He's a jag off.
by Bro May 13, 2004
n. A person, usually female, that makes no goddamn sense at all; *thinks* she has her shit together; doesn't employ logic and takes rather irrational approaches toward problem solving; and commonly does dumb shit.
Her dreams to become a sniper in the Army, her belief that having posed in a third-rate porno mag qualifies her as a "model", and the fact that she once traded a telephone for a baby to a known scatterbrain all indicated to me that *she* is a scatterbrain.
by Bro May 13, 2004
a pillow that is old and dingy and obviously drooled on.
We tossed the brown frown in the troll house.
by Bro October 1, 2003