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The act of hitting someone open palmed on the back of the head in an upwards motion. Often done in an attempt to annoy
Oi scallop him
Yeah allright
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a type of seafood that is boneless and is from a mollusk muscle.Scallops are white and round with a subtle taste. widely served are scallops wrapped in bacon which are very good, especially with a nice pairing side of dill horseradish sauce.they also come in various sizes.
scallops are good to eat wrapped in bacon and when they are fresh.
by evergreen imp June 13, 2008
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Instead of using random, which has been completely overused by annoying teenagers and social imbeciles, scallop is a useful substitute - purely because it is a completely random word. Now that's sticking it to them!

Dave - "Hey dude, how bizarre is this, I went to see a gynecologist and I saw Louise from school."

Richard - "That's totally scallop. You don't even have a snatch."
by Grouchokirst March 18, 2009
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can be inserted for nearly any exclamation, and also used as a verb to describe violence or domination. in fact, can be used as a noun when no other word will suffice.
Oh scallops! Did you see that scallop? That punter just got scalloped!
by ScallopKing September 04, 2008
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Any of various free-swimming marine mollusks of the family Pectinidae, having fan-shaped bivalve shells with a radiating fluted pattern. Taste like ass.
I went to a restaraunt and got some scallops.
by May 10, 2006
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