Mr. Krabs' business rival on Spongebob Squarepants. He owns a shitbox restaurant called the Chum Bucket, where he makes secret evil plans to steal the Krabby Patty formula and therefore attract business. He always fails.
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A name given to people who claim to not like attention. He/She secretly loves the attention but tries to show that he/she is annoyed. Her friends try to bug her by praising her in the name of plankton, the green dude from spongebob.
Guys, we should go praise Ami. ALL HAIL PLANKTON
by meluvoreoz1 April 16, 2018
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Word used to describe utterly detestable and braindead peasant underclass. These are the slutty, often chav bitches at parties who you wish to kill slowly. However, despite appearances, there is a reason for their existence. Their sluttish antics (such as false lesbianism) distract the male equivalent of plankon, thus reducing 'competition' for the more discerning male.

Plankton are simultaneously a disease and a cure.
"This place is full of plankton"

"Yeah, lets go"
by Figure Number Five June 30, 2005
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A person who bums everything and anything off of people. Also can be said instead of word bum.
hey can i plankton you ?

Dan Hegarty then gave me a stog.
by Mike Chi December 15, 2008
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someone who while claiming to play does not actually participate in extreme frizbee or other games but instead just stands there and only catches it if it goes for them
"dude hugh was such a plankton yesterday during frizbee"

"conor quit being a planton and go for it!"
by Althalus June 3, 2007
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Money, green, dollars, that guap, wealth etc. etc. etc.

that shit you get to get that shit you gotta get
Yo son whats your deal...

you gotta get that plankton like them husky ass whale sharks... just open dat shit up and gobble gobble gobble GET THAT PLANKTON BITCH!
by NOT SURE May 11, 2007
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