1. A party where guys outnumber girls.
2. A new R-rated CGI movie.
1. That party had so many guys. It was a sausage party.
2. Sausage Party is a hilarious movie!
by whatadickhead August 20, 2016
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The sausage party theory consists of two variables, a male and female. When a party or a group consists of a male to female ratio of 2:1 it is considered a Sausage Party. At any given time, if a male is in this situation, he is considered gay until the sausage party ratio has been lifted.

Examples : When there are 7 guys and 1 girl, this is a 7:1 ratio this is considered a sausage party.
Bro that party last night was a total sausage party
by GetDry May 7, 2020
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An R-rated movie with a sausage and a bootylicious cashew nut. Oh, and there is an orgy at the end!
by WhoDatFreshBoi March 30, 2017
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A hand of Full House in Poker, one consisting of all Kings and Jacks.
Dave: I got three 7's, aces high
Jon: I got two 10's and two Aces
Chris: Well I win with a sausage party, Three Kings and two Jacks.
by Chris Yeager November 8, 2004
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A Party or gathering of males where male strippers go around sexually interacting with the patrons.
Man, I gave head to about six strippers last night, great sausage party.
by MoccaMan January 11, 2012
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A new take on an old classic. A group ov people line up, and get on their knees, while another person shoves a string ov large sausages up their anus. The person with the string ov large sausages in their anus, then proceeds to expel the sausages from their anus into the mouth ov the first person in the line. The first person the bites into the sausage to hold it in their mouth. The person then continues to work their way down the line, until the all the sausages have been expelled or the last person in line has been reached.
Ron: "Are you going to Debra's sausage party tonight?"

Nivia: "I am. Debra's sausage parties are the place to be. I take the sausages home and use them as dildos."

Tonya: "I'm going too. Last time, I had five sausages in my mouth at once, and didn't even gag."
by BigEvil13 January 23, 2017
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A party, where girls are outnumbered by guys (by far). So basically, a fuckin boring party where theres no possibility of gettin layed, and where the guys are gettin mad drunk to forget about it.
Bob:"Hey how was it at that party last night?"
Johnnay:"Fuckin weak, no bitches... a fuckin sausage party!"
by Johnnay April 30, 2003
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