10 definitions by Johnnay

A small bar or club, thats always packed(full), where its so humid and hot that you cant even breathe.
I dont wanna go there tonight this place is a fuckin sweat box.
by Johnnay April 24, 2003
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Any gun.
Called like that cause it heats up the gun when you shoot it(quite obvious).
If that muthafucka fucks with me Ima bring the heat to him.
Jack pulled out his heater and busted 12 at his head.
Johnnay packs more heat than the oven.
by Johnnay April 25, 2003
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To slap someone with your cock(penis). Usually performed in the face, with a left to right motion.
After jizzin in her face I cocked slapped her so she undertands who's the boss.
Every man should cock slap the wife when its necessary(everyday).
by Johnnay June 2, 2003
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Beautiful women that proved that violence is more accepted than sex in the U.S.A.
Conservatives rather show someone getting killed on tv than someone's anatomy.
by Johnnay February 5, 2004
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-1 10$ worth of weed (from .6 to .8 of a gramm)
-2 A hotass girl, thats so sexy that youd think about drinkin her bath water.
Yo im broke hook me up a little dime and I pay you back soon.
Beyonce is definately a dime.
by Johnnay April 27, 2003
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A gay neighborhood, where rimmers take full activity.
Watch your back if you come across the gayborhood.
Rupaul is from the gayborhooood.
by Johnnay April 22, 2003
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The action to go in a restaurant,sit at a table, order whatever you want, eat and then leave quick without payin.
Johnnay:"Yesterday I went to this fancy ass restaurant, ordered a 200$ meal with the best wine out there and when the waitress turned around I left in a second! hahahahaha!"
Bobby:"HAHAHA, I see you busted a dine and dash again!"
Johnnay:"THATS RIGHT!"
by Johnnay April 25, 2003
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