When someone comes in your mouth and you spit it in their hair and rub it around.
"I was with Bella last night and she totally gave me a Happy Saturday"

"Nice bro"
by PicklePicker69 December 17, 2021
I missed all the sales on Black Friday but, I am hoping to get some good deals on Still Shopping Saturday.
by Paty'sMommy November 16, 2011
A day where Karla and Cassidy Laugh alot.

Dear Drake,
ha i told you it was real bitchh. suck my left nut. no wait make it my right one.
love karla(:

Dear Drake,
Don't worry, you don't have to suck Karla's left. OR right nut. hahah. I love youu. (:
laughterrras hahah,. HA HA HA

Haha Saturday
by oy vey. June 5, 2011
Someone who is two-faced, self contradicting, fake. Someone who acts perfect but is really a jerk.
"He's a very spoken on saturday guy"
by MS2323 March 23, 2022