What someone says when they suddenly realize that they were spacing off and walked the complete wrong way from where they intended to go, such as when you've been walking around a grocery store for 10 minutes before remembering you came in for barbecue sauce and wandered the frozen dinner section instead.
"Hey wait a minute, where are we going?"
"Gah! Barbecue Sauce!" *turns around and walks the other way*
by Mild816 January 31, 2015
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A rare fruit only found in small parts of Wyoming which is also used to create barbecue sauce
Friend: your crouch is falling

Me: barbecue sauce fruit

Friend: walrus gumble
by Cregthehat June 30, 2021
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A phrase similar to oh my land, oh my lawd, or oh my lord. The origin of this phrase traces its beginnings to an argument between a man and his wife regarding ones ability to find supporting evidence for any phrase or topic they want regardless of it validity. What started out as a joke then spread like wildfire and is now used by common folk and bbq enthusiasts alike.
Oh my barbecue sauce! This is the best roast beef this side of the Mississippi!

Oh my barbecue sauce! You really can find whatever you want online!

Oh my barbecue sauce, my husband was right!
by Correcto583 March 20, 2019
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It’s a funny ass vine, please search it up, for ex: Barbecue Sauce On My Titties Vine.
Funny dude: So I’m sitting there, Barbecue Sauce On my titties

Girl : *Dying of laughter*
by Devan Blake 🤪 February 26, 2019
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