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"you want go fast?" hence its not said you want to go fast.
by x September 02, 2003
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"A white rage on go-fast, that was impossible; someone would get hurt or dead, and she'd have to bail him out or bury him."
by Logan C July 06, 2006
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A term used to describe a person's intention to sleep with someone.

A surname referring a person's affinity for intercourse.
"Is she up for a good time?"
"Hells yeah, she likes to go fast."

"Is she up for a good time?"
"That's Sarah Go Fast! Of course she is!"
by Leslie Benjamin August 27, 2011
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Gay (not the happy or joyfull kind). Go fast can be used in a wide variety of situations where guy's act girlie or for objects that are un-manly these objects and guy's are Go fast. Homosexual man are also Go fast. It is best explaind using the examples.
1) Guy in bar: I'll have a Baileys
Bartender: Dude dont be Go fast

2) Guy: Motorcycles are dangerous
Manly guy: Dude dont be Go fast

3) Hot chick: Kiss me, guy
Guy: I think we should take iut slow
Random bystander: Dude dont be Go fast
by Not so go fast July 13, 2008
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When you too much speed and you go fast.
Iā€™m going way too fast, wanna gofast?
by Rjddd June 13, 2018
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