When somebody cannot answer you in a real sentence, but instead merely mumbles something you can't quite hear, and trails off; possibly chuckling as they do so. It is an unexplained phenomena that usually occurs under stress, or if that person is not comfortable speaking with particular people and is trying to get away.
Alyssa - "Hey Meg, how are you today?"

Meghan - "oh, wellidunnoijustsfjhsfjn..heh..heh heh..."

Alyssa (to another friend) - "looks like a case of inaudible mumbling."
by arisa-naomi March 04, 2010
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Sounds with meanings that are unable to be understood
The whole time that she was whispering I could barely understand her.

Yeah, the sounds were very inaudible.
by viviiiee July 11, 2021
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When something is so amazing, you are left speechless.
Laney: *quotes some very amazing words*
Kate: “INAUDIBLE AMAZING-NESS. I’m speechless because that was so amazing.”
by definitiongobrrrrrr December 15, 2020
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