the day in which we reminisce of our blurry Friday Night... then fucking party more
*Saturday Morning*

Kid 1: I don't remember anything from last night...

Kid 2: Same dude... such a blur..

Kid 1: But anyways who gives a fuck.... its Saturday
by Rezzy Nigga March 5, 2011
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Saturday - (noun)

1) The day of the week where you feel the damage done to your body after a Friday night spent out in the world of a college town. Energy level ~ 5%, Laziness >= 80%, Bodily pain >= 30%, Loss of soul and liver >= 75%.

2) Also a day of recuperation and reflection, in order to repeat the Friday night that got you here all over again, with some minor changes that while with good intentions, will probably land you even more messed up for Sunday, if you make it back at all.
Friend A (at 9am) - "Yo man you alive?"
Friend B (in bed) - "Wtf dude its Saturday, it's not even college morning yet."
Friend A - "Haha sorry bro I'll be back later we're goin to breakfast."
Friend B (almost inaudible gibberish) - "Good luck with that I can't move" - (Goes back to sleep)

*12 Hours later*
Friend C (female - 9pm) - "Hey we all going out again tonight?"
Friend B (now alive) - "Yea I heard there's something even better going on down at *** Walnut."

*4 hours later*
Friend A - "This party is crowded man."
Friend B - "Yea it's Saturday it's always like this its cool though at least there's tons of booze and bud."
Friend C - "Guys are those police lights outside."
Officer X - "Party's over, IDs out everybody"
by the DubC Ghandi February 12, 2011
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Sorry ladies, it's Saturday and cold ones must be cracked
by RickS C137 June 25, 2017
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The BEST day of the week! Most people seem to like Friday. Now, think about it. People like Friday because it's the day before the weekend. However, what if it was Friday everyday? Doesn't seem like much, huh?

On the other hand, Saturday is the best because the whole day is free and you don't have to worry about anything the next day like Sunday, so you can stay up all night.
by BusinessMan February 6, 2005
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A nickname given to a woman who in gages in heavy drug use and loose sexual conduct on a daily basis. The term is used in stead of the woman's actual name because it is said that she parties like it's Saturday everyday.
billy: "did see saturday today ?"
rog: "na, why?"
joey: "because she smoked 2 blunts,riped 4 lines ,drink a half a bottle of wine, got fucked and then said she had to leave to go to the doctors."
mike: "hahaha... i think i love her"
by fat scum March 3, 2008
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The time of the week when one is inclined to consume banana pudding.
Person 1: It's Saturday do you know what that means?
Person 2: Oh, Banana Pudding tonight!
by John Words January 29, 2022
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When you're having a bad semester and you want everything to end.
by saturday24 December 18, 2017
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