Also known as, "The shiturgays"; can be used in other contexts- See example
Person 1: "im so excited to see the saturdays in half an hour!"
Person 2: "im not sure you'll like them..."
Person 1: "SHIT! ur gays!"
Person 2: "OMG! i know!"
Person 1: "why didn't you warn me?"
by Mcflyismydrug_x June 28, 2009
1. A way for guys to say that a girl is hot without any girls ie: co-workers, girlfriends, or just friends, knowing about it

2. day of the week
Guy 1: Yo saturday
Guy 2: where?
Guy 1: over there man
Guy 2: damn...deffinetly a saturday
by tursi May 22, 2005
A day when the turd was born. The one, the only, the almighty. And on the turd day it resurrected.
It's Saturday. The day when we celebrate the birth of the turd.
by ilkoto January 20, 2018
a day for greasies to celebrate and paint the world green! as far as they’re concerned, green saturday is everyday!... pink friday is for bitches.
It’s green saturday greasies, let’s paint the town green!!
by neckrollgrease September 4, 2019
Saturday Sonata is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and moving to Los Angeles at only 17, Saturday takes inspiration from the likes of Post Malone, Juice WRLD and Saint JHN to name a few. His ability to create intricate patterns and tones in his Emo Trap/R&B slow type songs with a mix of country he grew up with is profound. His music discusses issues of alcoholism, heartbreak and growing up mostly on his own.
How tall is Saturday Sonata?
by Sabir Mahida August 11, 2020
When a male ejaculates into ones ear.
Person A: Yooo dude did you bang her?

Person B: Nah man, she was on her period so i just gave her a waxy saturday and called it a night.
by Taggart. February 17, 2008
When there is a holiday which people do not have to work on, Sunday is actually the second saturday to party!
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Not much, it's a Sunday night."
"No, dude, it's second Saturday, Monday is Labor Day!"
"LET'S PARTY!!!!!!"
by Rob the Cable Guy November 26, 2008